My paintings are informed by everyday experiences, grandiose or mundane; a long wait in a train station, a walk around town, a trip to Spain. Any visual experience that strikes me can be a starting point. Living abroad for over a decade has given me a more open and distant way to interpret the world around me. I break down what I see, create a composition and build the image back up again in my own way. Shapes, color, light and surface quality are all very important in my work — bringing my surrounding, foreign world into my own familiar visual language. My paintings dance between figuration and abstraction, using experimental spatial structures, poured paint and loose portraiture. Several layers of paint are often visible. I hope that the themes in my work, being autobiographical in nature, resonate with the lives of the viewers and provide a different way of seeing and experiencing everyday life.

Dana Burns has exhibited in New York City, around France (Paris, Lyon and Grenoble region) & most recently in Berlin. Grenoble’s Maison de l’International hosted the artist’s first solo show in Europe in 2011. Burns has also gained notoriety, receiving the City of Grenoble’s Fine Art award in 2015 and being featured in various publications. Dana Burns received a B.F.A. from The Fashion Institute of Technology NYC in 2010 and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.