Why is this website so sparse?
(Quick answer: Lack of support.)

Artwork published on this website will be based on whether the work in question has been exhibited within the public sphere or not.

As the artist, I wish for said work (the art chosen to not be published right away) to be experienced in person, via an IRL community — and to feel supported — before publishing said drawings or paintings onto the internet.



Here’s how it works:
– Once a gallery/curator/artist-run space/not-for-profit/etc. supports me in exhibiting one or more of my paintings — and said work has been experienced by the public (this includes vitrines) — I will then feel open to post the work on this website. This will be under a newly created menu section titled something like “Supported art” or simply “Paintings”, etc. (Feel free to email me your ideas.)

I will include who (whether a person, gallery, grant, municipality board, open-call panel, etc.) supported the exhibition of said piece under the artwork unless the person/people wish to be anonymous.

– This also includes self-funded shows or exhibitions I run myself (as long as the show has been experienced by the public). If I self-fund, said information will be included under the artwork. If I am able to rent my own space and exhibit my own work (perhaps, hopefully, with others) I will include who/whom supported said venture unless the person/people wish to remain anonymous.

I have not sold a painting since 2018, and I am just one of a million underdog artists who are not on the Instagram/social media radar as I have not been exhibited by a semi-large gallery and/or structure. In the support of my work (via exhibitions, residencies, funding of art materials, collecting my work or otherwise) you are not only supporting living women artists but also going against the current exploitative & elitist art-world system.


Scammer List:

As a low-visibility artist, I have only been seriously contacted to exhibit by narcissist scammer galleries (as far as private galleries are concerned, and not including open calls…And I write this in January 2022). I will list any galleries that heavily exploited me below, with the date. (If you are not aware of the constant exploitation going on in the art world — including during the pandemic, unfortunately — I invite you to do some research.)

Sobering Gallery, founded in 2011 by Patricia Kishishian and Jean-Claude Ghenassia. 87 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France. Date of exploitation: August 2021



If you look at my CV, you will see that I have exhibited in the past. However, I do not have anything recent. With this website, I wish to publish mostly recent artwork that resonates with my current ongoing œuvre.

Thank-you and feel free to get in touch and/or to see more simple/sketchbook work via Instagram by clicking on the IG logo in the menu.

I am currently based in Berlin, Germany.